"Faz has always got us great mortgage deals at the best rates available, provided good sound financial advice for what we need now and has shown us the best routes to take into the future and to our retirement"

Tim Palmer

"My wife and I have known Faz since about 2001, during which time he has provided us with advice on pensions, mortgages and savings and investments. His advice has always been excellent, up-to-the minute and realistic. Over the years he has become a friend rather than just our financial adviser. He always has our best interests at heart. His communication skills are excellent - he keeps in touch regularly and answers all requests we have of him without delay."

Andrew Croombes

"It is nearly ten years since I first met Faz. During that period he has been my advisor dealing with all my financial issues. I have found him to be honest, helpful and polite. He is willing to help in whatever situation arises, and if unable to do so himself, is not afraid to contact those that are able to. As a Financial Advisor I would be willing to recommend Faz to anyone."


I was introduced to Faz Deen in 2002. I had already in place a plan for my retirement. Since then I have not always followed his advice, and some of the advice I did follow did not work to my advantage. That said, the way he arranged my finances forced me to save more than I otherwise would have done, resulting in my being able to retire two years earlier than I had envisaged.

Over the past two years, I have taken an income from my investments, and despite the fall in share value, my capital is still higher than my original investment. At this time I believe that I am in a better financial position than I would have been without his advice.

A. A. Downes

"Faz offers financial advice and planning at a pace that suits me and in a way that is, and will unlock financial possibilities that I was unaware of and unsure how to even start finding out about ...Thank you."

Julie Smith

"'There was always a really prompt and efficient response to any issues I had, and every effort was made to ensure my best interests were looked after to make the purchase of my first home as easy as possible."

Katherine Higgins

"I have always found Faz gives excellent advice based on his good knowledge of the current financial market. He is reliable and approachable and able to explain money matters in a simple way."

Margaret Layton

"I have known Faz for 20 years now as a work colleague, a friend and a Financial Advisor. During this time I have found Faz to be honest, reliable and dependable by exhibiting a set of personal values that are to his credit. Faz's values are based on a belief that the face to face interaction with clients, family and friends is of the utmost importance in his activities.

During the last eight years Faz has offered sound financial advice to myself and my partner, utilising the most effective and suitable products / cost solutions at his disposal. This advice has ensured we have the most suitable insurance cover and assurance cover products for our individual needs.

I would not hesitate to recommend Faz to anyone requiring honest, impartial and comprehensive advice on their financial and insurance requirements."

R. Slattery

"We have known Faz for several years and have the utmost confidence in him and the quality of his advice. He is a very likeable and approachable man, is very knowledgeable and researches best option carefully for clients' best interests."

Ian Prentice

"Recommended by a close friend, we have known Faz for over 5 years now. Thanks to him, we have enjoyed the benefits of his skill and knowledge in finding the right solution for our needs, especially when we needed funding to support the growth of our business. In our case, he was able to lever our personal resources so as to achieve our objectives."

We have found him to be a very amiable and reliable character and 'what you see is what you get!' Certainly, if he was not able to offer the advice or services we needed, then, he always 'knows a man who can'"

Laurence & Shirley Penn

"I have known Faz Deen for the past 11 years. I took my first policy with Faz and since then we have always been in touch. I have used many of Faz's services throughout the years, all of which have been successful, I recommend his services to anyone."

Zakir Farooq